25th Convocation ceremony of the 1st Naturopathy College of India

“India has more medical practitioners than what the WHO prescribes as optimal for a given population. Yet, we lament about poor health standards on maternity and infant levels. Students who graduate into the professional zone must take the situation to hand and deliberate towards resolving the problem of unequal distribution of medical expertise in India. Combining community level approaches with integrative systems of medicine could go a long way,” said Dr. Gangadhar B N, Director of NIMHANS, Bangalore. He was addressing the students and gathering at the 25th Convocation ceremony at SDM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences Ujire.

SDM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences Ujire observed its 25th graduation ceremony on 11th of June as 96 students from UG and 28 students from PG were awarded their degrees and delegated their oaths to remain in committed service of their profession in the presence of Dr. D Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikaari of Dharmasthala and Chancellor of SDM University Dharwad.

 “Students graduating with Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences degree, or any medical degree for that matter, are special because the community expects their return as opposed to industries. For the highly privileged status they shall enjoy in life, they must remain grateful to a host of factors; but most prominently parents who morally and materially supported them, teachers who were never disappointed in their many failures in learning, and patients – who shall wilfully submit themselves to their hands. Also, the institution of SDM, which is a citadel of learning blessed by the guidance of Dr. D Veerendra Heggade is another aspect they must remain thankful to,” added Dr. Gandadhar B N.

Degree certificates were awarded to the students and their proud parents were acknowledged too. Gold medallists and special achievers were also honoured at the occasion by Maatrushree Hemavathi Heggade. ‘Arshapravara’, a directory consisting the compilation of students from the past 25 batches was released.

Dr. D Veerendra Heggade, delivering his Presidential remarks, stated “Scientific temperament now drives the understanding of hardships faced by the society, which directs people to hospitals as opposed to astrologers in the past. This makes the roles of doctors and medical practitioners much greater in this context. Do not just treat a patient, but heal them. And when they come to you with complaints, do not give them compensations – but listen to them more.” Dr. D Veerendra Heggade was then honoured by the chief guest on behalf of the institution for his immense contributions to the society, and his recent elevation to the post of Chancellor of SDM University Dharwad. The chief guest Dr. Gangadhar B N was also honoured at the occasion.