The loudest of cheers for the special awardee

It is never emphasized enough that the true heroes behind every student achievement is the parent, who materially and emotionally delivers that unparalleled support even amidst the hardest of circumstances. The 25th Graduation day at SDM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences saw to it that these heroes behind the screens were paid their due in whatever little manner possible, as they were asked to rise and acknowledge their roles as their respective kid went up the stage and collected their degree.

An attraction of the event was also the father of the PG graduate, Dr. Jasmine D’Souza, who arrived on behalf of his daughter and was awarded the degree certificate, as well as his daughter’s special accomplishment of Sitaram Jindal Foundation Gold Medal amidst the loudest cheers of the crowd. She was the highest scorer in MD Yoga exams conducted by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bengaluru in 2018.

The proud parent was also acknowledged by Dr. D Veerendra Heggade during his presidential remarks. Dr. Jasmine D’Souza hopes to pursue practice in Australia, owing to which she couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Her proud father, Mr. William D’Souza thus became an attraction of the event.