SDM Yoga and Nature Cure, Pareeka

Kshemavana is a sanctuary for those who seek to heal naturally, holistically and sustainably. Conceived by pioneers in naturopathy and yogic sciences, we are catalysts for lifestyle change, charting individualized paths to healthy living. Spanning 20 acres of reforested land, lush with native flora, Kshemavana is designed for a deep retreat into nature. While therapeutic spaces are guided by our five streams of wellness, our cottages, suites and rooms inspire luxurious rest.Kshemavana exists for natural, holistic and sustainable healing.

Rooted at the heritage town of Dharmasthala, our first outpatient clinic was founded 36 years ago. Today the facility Shantivana holds 400 beds with a modern hospital complex. Our founder and visionary, Dr D Veerendra Heggade had also established a college for naturopathy and yogic sciences in 1988. This has over the years, produced quality practitioners and competent doctors for our services. A 300-bedded facility Saukhyavana was opened in 2007 at Manipal, to serve the growing needs of natural healing. Kshemavana is our latest offering – an all-inclusive sanctum with wholesome ways of healing.

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