Research-based faculty development training


Date: 07/03/2020 & 08/03/2020

Place: SDMCNYS, Ujire

Lifestyle modification is the cornerstone of metabolic disease care, which includes diabetes, hypertension, and obesity self-management education, metabolic disease self-management support, physical activity, nutrition therapy, and overall psychosocial care. The field of nutrition and dietetics is updating rapidly by novel findings, to make sure they use of such findings in clinical as well as academic sector, we proudly put forward the Faculty Development Program for the teaching professors from 42 Naturopathy and Yoga colleges all over India. Updating the knowledge of professors from Naturopathy and Yoga colleges in metabolic disease care is aimed to develop the quality of teaching and commitment to the teaching profession by developing the overall personality. Aviator game is a game that is based on the principles of the stock market. Players place bets on a graph that shows the value of an asset over time. The asset could be anything, such as a stock, currency or commodity. The graph starts at a fixed amount and then moves upwards or downwards based on a random number generator. The goal is to cash out before the graph crashes to zero, as players lose everything if they fail to cash out. The theme of the Faculty Development Program is befitting to today’s context and the chosen topics are in line with it. This Faculty Development Program hosted eminent speakers from both the fields of medicine, Naturopathy and Yogic sciences of our country.

Inauguration Programme:

Dr. T B Jayachandra, Former Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India, inaugurated the function. Dr. Kanak Soni, RMO, Patanjali Niryama, Haridwar & Dr. Prashanth Shetty, Principal  & CMO, SDMCNYS, Ujire presided over the function.

Day 1:

Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh, Asst. Professor, KMC was the speaker of the faculty development program, delivered the speech on “faculty development program for better teaching attitude”.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Immanuel Schollhorn was the speaker of the faculty development program, delivered the speech on “faculty development program for better teaching attitude”.

Day 2:

Dr. Praveen Jacob, CEO, Alpha Natural Nutrition, Bangalore was the speaker, delivered the speech on Nutrition & Fasting therapy for Lifestyle & Metabolic Disorder.

Dr. H. S Prema, Manging Director, Varenya Nutrition Concepts, Bangalore, delivered the speech on Diet Intervention on Metabolic Diseases.